Developer Art Sawall’s plans to expand his Mammoth Springs mixed-use project in Sussex are proceeding, with a proposal to add apartments.
The conceptual plans for the expansion, dubbed Mammoth South, call for 89 three-bedroom apartments on Deyer Drive, south of Mammoth Springs. They will be the first three-bedroom apartments in Sussex, according to a village report.
The apartments would include 22 townhome-style units within two buildings overlooking the Mammoth Springs quarry pond.
The 67 remaining apartments, some with lofted areas, would be in three two-story buildings, and one three- story building, according to the proposal. The buildings would range from 15 to 19 units each.
Every apartment would have a garage plus one available surface parking spot, and the site would have additional guest parking spots. Mammoth South would include a pool and clubhouse.
Sawall is developing Mammoth Springs, on 10 acres south of Main St. and west of Waukesha Ave. It opened its first three apartment buildings in spring 2014, with a fourth building completed last June.
Sawall is building a fifth three-story apartment building and a pair of two-story commercial buildings at Mammoth Springs. It will total 153 apartments and 24,000 square feet of commercial space when it is completed by June.
Mammoth South would be accessible from Silver Spring Drive and Waukesha Ave. It would take about 18 months to complete.
The Plan Commission is to review the conceptual proposal at its Thursday meeting. 
Sawall also has plans for three additional projects near Mammoth Springs that would be developed over the next three years or so. Along with Mammoth South, they would create 237 housing units and 1,200 square feet of commercial space.
Together, all of Sawall’s projects, including Mammoth Springs, will add more than $50 million in estimated new property values. Property taxes from those new projects will pay back around $10 million in village cash used to help finance the projects and some related road improvements.
Written By Tom Daykin